Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Talked to the Neurosurgeon...

So I saw the Neurosurgeon today.

Short version: I'm having surgery on Wednesday October 21st.

Long version: I got to my appointment on time a 9AM. The doctor finally came in at about 10AM. The first thing we did was go and look at my pictures from the CT scan from the other day. This is basically what it looked like:

So what's happening is that the tumor somehow is in the place where my skull should be (which is why it hurts when someone pushes on my bump). The tumor is for sure touching my brain but they cannot tell from the pictures whether or not there are abnormal cells from the tumor IN my brain. They won't know until they actually take the tumor out and look at my brain. Then, once they get the tumor out as much as they can, they will be rebuilding me a fake skull (officially its called a cranio-plasty). There are risks, as with any surgery, such as pain, bleeding, infection, brain damage, weird looking scar, and others.

My Pre-op appointment is this Friday at 9:30AM. At that appointment they will be getting a full family history and doing tests to see what kind of anesthesia they will need to use. And at that appointment I'll get to ask all the questions that I need to. Then, like I said at the beginning, I'll be having surgery next Wednesday. They said it will be early in the morning but no exact time was given so far. Hopefully I'll be able to set up that time frame on Friday too.

So, Family, if there is any health history that I don't know about that I should please let me know before 9AM this Friday! Call me, e-mail me, text me, whatever, just let me know.

I love you all! Thanks for all your love and support!


  1. Your drawing looks like PacMan gobbling up one of the little dots... check it out... That's actually a good visual to think about the "mass" geting gobbled up and **poof** it's gone!

    Great artwork!

  2. Wow, Amy. We certainly will have you in our thoughts and prayers the next few days. Good luck Wednesday - we look forward to hearing some good news. Be strong (you too, Erin) and know that some good vibes are coming from Minnesota. We love you both.