Thursday, October 22, 2009

surgery day recap

Hey Everyone,

All things considered, yesterday ended up being a good day for Amy - the surgery went well, they were able to remove all of the tumor, they think the tumor's benign, they didn't have to cut into the membrane around her brain. She's progressing pretty well, is able to keep fluids and food (crackers) down, and is in good spirits. She's no longer on oxygen, her vital signs are looking good, she had her arterial line removed, she got to sleep on a normal pillow instead of the foam ring, and she's able to take pills by mouth.

Here's a few post-op pictures: They might be a little graphic.

Just after surgery (the blood around her incision is totally normal, so don't be alarmed):
Close up of her incision/scar:

Amy's first meal after surgery--popsicle and beef broth:

No more oxygen tubing and a normal pillow! This is Amy's ET impression:

That's all for this morning. I'm looking forward to getting up to the hospital and finding out how she slept last night!

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