Thursday, October 22, 2009

Progress :-)

Just came from the hospital and wanted to give a real quick update:

Amy had a really good evening. She's still struggling with pain, but they are working on finding the right combo to work for her for now.

  • Amy is now breathing on room air - no more oxygen through her nose! And her O2sats were good while we were there too!
  • They took out Amy's arterial line (an IV that went into an artery)
  • Amy ate beef bullion and half a popsicle for dinner. When we came back after shift change, Amy ate CRACKERS! I'll post a video of her song in the morning. She also drank some chicken bullion and took some pain meds by mouth--a big deal since she struggles with taking pills anyways, and the sooner she can take pills by mouth, the sooner she can start doing other things (like go home...).
So all of these things are good steps forward. And now that she's able to take pain meds by mouth, they have more options to find the right combo that works for her.

Thanks again everyone for all your prayers and love and support!

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