Thursday, October 22, 2009

Movin On UP!

Lots of good news!

When we got to the hospital today, Amy was up in a chair! She had already gotten up and did a lap around the nurses' station before we got there too.

They also discontinued her IV fluids - they kept it in but she's not connected to anything anymore. She's taking all her meds by mouth, which is awesome! They also took out her catheter, so it's easier for her to get around.

She's also now on a regular diet, which means she gets to eat all the yummy food from the potluck and gift basket :-).

She's still in some pain. They had to cut through muscle to get to her "bump," so it's causing her a good deal of discomfort and makes it difficult for her to smile fully. But she's taking some meds (but she's trying to take as few as possible), and it's helping. And she's getting lots of rest.

Best part of the day - Amy got moved to a med/surg floor! She's got her own private room (maybe one of the perks of knowing someone who works there...?), and it's pretty fancy! And it'll be easier to visit her since we don't have to trade visitor passes.

I think that's it for now. Maybe she'll be the one updating tomorrow!

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