Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"I Don't Have Cancer!!!" (Sez Amy)

Great News! We just got back from a follow up appointment and Amy's tumor wasn't cancerous/malignant! Initially they thought it was an eosinophilic granuloma (basically a benign tumor made of immune/antihistamine cells), but pathology reports indicate that it is an epidermoid cyst. They say that it has a possibility of growing back but most likely it shouldn't. And it's benign!

Amy also got her staples out today. It was a little early, but we weren't able to get an appointment any other time. Amy was in a lot of pain when they were removing the staples, and Amy says, "I scared the girl." Apparently the first-year resident removing the staples hadn't removed staples from someone who yelled as much as Amy before. She also started with the worst staple, so it wasn't so bad after that. And the staples are out!

Amy was discharged from the neurosurgery service today, so she probably won't have to see her neurosurgery team again.

We also are sitting in the midst of a major snowfall, and some people are saying we might get a foot of snow!

Amy's grandmother is here helping out a lot! It's been such a blessing to have Amy's family here helping out and just keeping her company when I'm at work and such. THANK YOU!!

Thanks again for all your prayers/juju/thoughts/good vibes/etc. They helped a lot!

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