Saturday, October 10, 2009

Background and First & Second CT Scans

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know what is going on with me.

I went to a new doctor about a month ago and told her that I've had a bump on the side of my head for about two years. During those two years I've had a few different doctors take a look at it and they all told me not to worry about anything. But recently the bump has started changing texture from squishy to hard. So my new primary care physician ordered a head ct just to check the bump and make sure that nothing was wrong. I went in yesterday to get the scan, which was easy, I just had to lay still for about two minutes. They told me to wait until Monday to hear from my doctor and sent me on my way.

I went to get some vitamins from the pharmacy at the hospital while Erin was watching the end of the baseball game in the radiologist waiting room. While I was standing in line Erin called my cell phone and asked me how far away I had gone and told me that I needed to come back right away for another scan with contrast. So I headed back, went in pretty quickly and got an IV put in and then another scan. It went quickly but this time they told me my doctor would be calling me later that evening.

Of course I missed her call but she left a message letting me know that my bump is definitely a tumor. She said it's probably benign but they can't really tell that from a ct scan. My doctor sent the pictures over to a neurologist to take a look, so I have an appointment with a neurologist next Wednesday to go over the results and to set up any necessary appointments, tests, or procedures. I'm also going to insist on a biopsy just to make sure the tumor is not cancerous. I'm not taking any chances.

I will let you all know how everything on Wednesday goes and anytime I get more info I'll update everyone on here.

I love you all!

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  1. uhm you forgot to mention that it was the Rockies game and they won!

    I love you and I'm praying for you. But I'm sure you already knew that ;-)