Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey Everyone,

Amy just went back to the OR. In Pre-Op, she met with the anesthesia team and some of the docs on her neurosurgery team. She was kind of bummed cuz she couldn't have her dad and aunt with her in pre-op, and pretty anxious.

One of the residents, Dr. Bell, drew on her head:

He also said that they're going to put her on some anti-seizure meds (along with her anesthesia) so she doesn't seize during the procedure, and that since research shows an increased risk of seizures after surgery, she'll probably be taking some for a few months to prevent her from having a seizure.

As soon as the anesthesiologist gave her something (not sure what), she brightened up and was a lot less anxious. And she kept repeating "I'm so dizzy!"

That's all I got from the hospital. It did "snush" this morning - we walked out to a car covered with a strange mix of snow, ice, and rain. The cold wasn't that pleasant with our newly shaved heads!
Thanks everyone for all your prayers, thoughts, and love. Will update more later.


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