Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Surgery again. Third time's a charm?

Today (Monday), when Amy woke up, I looked at her incision and noticed a hole about 1 cm X .5 cm and about .5 cm deep (that was the PA's measurement). She called the surgery clinic, they told her to go to the ER, they triaged her to Urgent Care, and she saw her neuro team (the chief resident who did her initial procedure and the PA who's been a part of the team throughout the whole process as well).

They admitted her and are going to have to do a minor surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) to open her back up and try a new way to close her wound/incision. Long story short, between the ridge of her skull (which is there cuz they removed the plate) that is putting extra tension on her skin and her skin being weakened by infection, the sutures weren't holding. The surgery's scheduled for 4 PM tomorrow, since she was a late add-on. There is a chance it could be moved up sooner, which would be nice since she can't eat after midnight. We shall see.

We shall see...

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