Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Update

Today is Tuesday and I feel much better today than I did yesterday. Erin keeps saying that I'm a totally different person today (in a good way). I'm not so crabby or out of it today. I can tell I'm still a little out of it but I feel way better than yesterday. Still feeling very tired throughout the day and when I do get tired I get irritated quickly. Also my hearing is a little bit off probably to do with the swelling around my right ear, which can be extremely frustrating when I have to ask people to repeat themselves multiple times.

I do have some drainage from my incision site on my head but they have my head wrapped up pretty good so it's not dripping too bad. The docs did a CT scan to make sure there was not anything funky going on under my skin. They said the scan looked great and not to worry about the drainage.

I have been eating lots of solid foods today. I had eggs, bacon, and a slice of french toast for breakfast. I had cottage cheese and assorted fruits for a snack. Also drinking LOTS of water! Joey and Erin are going to sneak me in some Quiznos for lunch! YAY! And we might order pizza for dinner too. Boy, oh, boy, am I getting spoiled or what. And Grandma isn't even here to cook for us yet!

Thanks for all your love, support, prayers, juju, and whatever other good thoughts are coming my way.

I love you all!

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